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Dermalogica launched in 1986 - a time when neon reigned , hair was big and beauty was more important than skin health.While snazzy, frilly products acted more as trendy accesssories than tools for skn health. Dermalogica delivered innovation through real research, real ingredients and real results. Dermalogica still turns heads for innovative products and treatments that work.And our customres turn heads for truly amazing skin that is beautiful inside and out.
Getting started with Dermalogica is simple, and focuses on the four core components of any regimn- cleassing, toning , moisturizing and targeting specific concerns. Find your area of concern for your core regimen, or ask " Baljeet Kaur " for Dermalogica Professional Skin Theraphist for your face Mapping prespiction Overall Oily

Oliy T-Zone

A normal / oil skin condition is commonly reffered to as " combination " and demostrates oily shine in the T-zone(forehead, nose and chin), as well as heightened breakout activity and congestion. Control oil witout over-drying for balance, healthy skin.

Slightly Dry

Normal / dry skin means your skin is dry or feels tight in the cheeks, however , other areas of your skin are balanced. Hydrating witout over-stimulationg oil production well deliver your best skin.

Very Dry

A very dry conditon is characterized by thightness, flakiness, dehydration, lack of oil, the appearence of fine lines and dullness. Reveal health skin thorough exfoliatin and intense dydration.

Break-Prone Skin

MedicBac Clearing
MedicBac Clearing control the catalysts that lead to breakouts, while soothing irritation and redness often associated with breakout-prone skin conditions. This medicated regime willhelp normalize the skin's oil production, clear clogged folllicles and destroy breakout-causing bacteria.

Sensitized,Reactive and Recently Refurfaced Skin

Our unique UltraCalming system tackles the redness, itching and inflammation of stressed skin by calming the neurogenic and immunogenic response, while helping to strengthen the skin's natural defences to provent future flare-ups.

Prematurely-Aing or Mature Skin

Age Smart
AGE Smart targets the three biochemical triggers of visual skin aging and helps to stimulate collagen production, increase elastictiy and promte smoothness.

Uneven Skin Tone,Hyperpigmentation

ChromaWhite TRx
This revolutionary system adddresses skin discoloration at the cellular level to balance skin tone and increase clarity. Recommendaed for topical treatment of hyperpigmentation, and as a regimen to reduce the discoloration associated with skin aging.

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